About The Film

Hill and Gully is an urban Cinderella story, set during 2008, the historic election year of Barack Obama.  With palpable ‘Change’ in the air, love pursues an unhappy single mother, and her dysfunctional family who become transformed through the efforts of a psychiatrist who challenges them to speak their secret wishes and to take a chance on opening their hearts to their deepest dreams.

WATCH HILL AND GULLY TRAILER (PG)  – Vimeo.com/66536727

Starring : Teagle F. Bougere, Heather Alicia Simms, Sidne Anderson, Marjorie Johnson, Patrice Johnson Chevannes, Marissa Copeland, Marcia Dennis, Tyson Hall, Donna Duplantier, Jeniffer J. Joseph, Habte Selassie, Ahmat Jallo, Ian Forrest, Jacob Sena, Breana Sena, Juan Sena, Benjamin Sweeting, Josue Johnson, Elisa Johnson and introducing Celeste Jacqueline Sena.


After ten year old Sara Sapphire (Celeste Jacqueline Sena) attacks a kid who taunts her in class, she gets suspended for a week and can only return to school if her mother takes her to a psychiatrist to deal with her explosive temper.

Dr  Moses (Sidne Anderson) discovers during her counselling sessions, that the angry root growing in Sara runs even deeper in her mother, Carin Shiquita (Patrice Johnson Chevannes) and her grandmother (Marjorie Johnson) who suffers from severe agoraphobia.  Carin Shiquita

During her week of suspension, Sara Sapphire goes to work with Carin.  There, photographer Caleb Foster (Teagle F. Bougere), who is painfully shy and suffers from alogia (fear of speaking), frequents the restaurant in which Carin works hoping to take her picture and ask her out on a date…not just any date, but his first date ever!   Caleb sees beauty in Carin Shiquita, even through she mercilessly shoots him down for being somewhat of a nerd.  Carin can’t get over the path her life took as a single mother.  Can she take responsibility for her old choices and allow a new love into her heart?

***WATCH HILL AND GULLY TRAILER(PG)  – Vimeo.com/66536727
**Winner: Best Feature Film at the Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival
**Winner: People’s Choice at the Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival
**Winner: Best International Feature Film at the Jamaica International Reggae Film Festival
**Winner: Best Actress Award@The People’s Film Festival
(112 mins)