NY’s Dirty Laundry

(R/mature/language) – Vimeo.com/212982952
Synopsis:  The events of Ny’s Dirty Laundry take place 18 days after the WTC bombings when Arab Muslims became the target of brutal attacks, racial profiles and slurs as the country sorts through grief and fear.  New York’s dirty laundry is exposed and put through a rough cycle when a Caribbean Mom looses twenty dollars at an Arab run laundromat and a woman tries to get a Muslim cab driver to take her home to Brooklyn. (Based on a true story.  75 mins)  Ny’s Dirty Laundry got invited to The Cannes Film Festival!
***Watch NY’s Dirty Laundry Trailer (R/mature/language) – Vimeo.com/212982952
Listen:  Patrice Johnson’s interview on The Francine Chin Show @ 1095Jamz.com about her film NY’s Dirty Laundry at The African Diaspora International Film Festival.






James Ashar, Kalimi Baxter, Joan Cargill, Laurie Carlos, Rashaad Ernesto Green, Tyson Hall, Jae Min Han, Ty Mecha Johnson, Patrice Johnson, Jennifer Joseph, John Kawie, E. Wayne McDonald,  Dhaval Mehta, Roger Mitchell, Nava Namdar, Jessie Perez, Jayson Sawyer and Heather Alicia Simms

***Watch NY’s Dirty Laundry Trailer (R/mature/language) – Vimeo.com/212982952